Pancho Villa was opened in Lennox Head in December, 1989. Lennox was a small village then, with four restaurants, a hotel and a club. Lennox has grown and the restaurant has expanded with the town. Originally a small room seating 32 people, the restaurant now has seating for 60 people inside and another 18 for al fresco dining.

The menus have evolved over the years to reflect the tastes of the customers. The food is basically Tex-Mex style, with many variations and innovations introduced to keep the food relevant and interesting. Some of the original recipes and sauces are still used because of their popularity.

The restaurant became licenced in 2002 and features many popular Mexican drinks. The Sangria is an original recipe and is hugely popular. BYO wine is optional to cater for those who have a preference for a particular wine.

The same owners still operate the restaurant. It remains very much a family business, with family members involved in all aspects of the business. Many loyal staff members have stayed through the years.

The name Pancho Villa was chosen because he is synonymous with Mexico and Mexican history. It is worth reading the story of this legendary revolutionary hero to many Mexicans, although a despised bandit to many others.

Pancho Villa provides affordable dining with food and drink priced to reflect value for money. A separate Take-Away menu caters for those who wish to enjoy the delicious food in their own homes.